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ISCOM/305 Week 3 Get There Navigation Technologies: Technology Recommendation

GTNT has asked your team to provide recommendations for potential technologies they may use to improve their business process.

Currently, their information technology department is out-of-date, not involved in the business process, and does not serve a major purpose. The department manager is also unfamiliar with the latest technologies.

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Resource: Get There Navigation Technologies: Technology Recommendations

Read the scenario to determine a viable information technology solution for GTNT.

Write a 200-250 word paper that contains recommendations to improve the company’s information technology resources that includes material requirement planning possibilities. 

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


 suggest that we all take a part in this one each writing 200 words a piece and then have a team lead who is responsible for making sure that resources are properly referenced and the assignment is submitted. Does this sound good to every one


2.body paragraph=back ground on the situation

3.possible recommendations (MY PART)

4. Plan of implemention Amber Ramirez

5. conclusion with dead lines

Does this look ok to every one? If you have a different plan or idea please say so I am very flexible and just wanted to get this week started and as well have a direction planned for us. 

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