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Integration of Faith & Learning / Supply Chain Management


  1. Search the Bible (either the Old or New Testament) for at least 1 Bible verse that would guide a Supply Chain Management (SCM) analyst/manager in a presentation on improving the firm’s supply chain.
  2. State your Bible verse and the reference.
  3. In at least 3 well-crafted paragraphs (750–1250 words total), discuss the Bible verse within the context of SCM and any of the Reading & Study materials.
  4. In addition to your chosen Bible verse, you must reference at least 2 scholarly sources.

****A suggested format for this assignment:

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  • First paragraph: Discuss the Bible verse from a biblical perspective. Provide context for the next two paragraphs.
  • Second paragraph: Discuss the theory of how SCM efforts help firms improve their business models through improved supply chains. Include at least 2 scholarly resources (WSJ, Fortune Magazine, The Economist, etc. are all considered scholarly in the discipline of SCM). Do not hesitate to consult the Supply Chain Management journals as well.
  • Third paragraph: Discuss/analyze the Bible verse’s importance in tempering and guiding the efforts of the Supply Chain Management team.

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