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Unit 4 Learning Activity: Applied Project

Create an Effective Performance Management System for your Firm.

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Visit your organization’s HRD department (in most cases this will be the HR department) to conduct research into the Performance Management activities your organization is involved in. If you cannot get access in person to an HRD Department, submit the URL for the website of the company you choose. In either case you will write up a summary report of your improved effective Performance Management System in line with the goals of the organization. This report should be five double-spaced pages in length and you will need to include at least three (3) refereed or peer-reviewed references other than those you have covered in the course (such as the assigned reading articles and textbook). All references and citations should follow APA format.

Assignment Checklist:

1. ; Research your organization or a company on the Internet, noting their objectives, mission, and current performance management system (or lack thereof). Remember to cite the URL.

2. ; Determine the level of effectiveness of the existing performance management process.

3. ; Review your reading and research concerning effective Performance Management systems.

4. ; Then create a summarized improved performance management system using appropriate citations as necessary. Note the goals of the company first then propose your new system in alignment with these.

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