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Create a professional, persuasive presentation to the top management staff. Your presentation should include a detailed speech outline, and 8-10 PowerPoint slides. You will be persuading managers that the HRM recommendations you present are vital to On-The-Way’s success.

Creatively and intelligently present and justify the HRM programs, procedures, systems, processes, and other recommendations that you make.

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What, specifically, must be accomplished within the next 6-8 months? 12 months? What is the minimum amount of resources needed to carry out your plan? Be as specific as possible.

Case Background Scenario

On-The-Way Industries, Division of Paxton Conglomerate, Inc.

On-The-Way Industries is a regionally accredited chain of daycare centers in California with headquarters in San Francisco. They have established an excellent reputation during more than 30 years of service and have worked hard to achieve its motto to “foster high growth for your child.” It was recently awarded its largest contract ever; in just eighteen months, On-The-Way will be the sole provider of daycare services for all central and northern California state and federal agencies. (Phase-in processes will be 50% of the business in 8 months, 75% in 12 months and 100% in 18 months).

Your organization currently operates 17 daycare centers, mostly near San Francisco, Sacramento and Napa Valley. These centers employ 163 teachers, childcare specialists and aides. Thirteen centers are more than 15 years old, and 60 percent of workers have been with On-The-Way more than 10 years. Centers range in size from five to 19 employees each.

You were recently hired as their first V.P. of Human Resources. You left an HR director position in a major manufacturing organization out of boredom. With an HR degree and 20 years of progressive HR experience in various industries, you have seen it all. You have always been quite successful. Now you eagerly anticipate the challenge that On-The-Way’s president said would be yours, yet you cannot help feel somewhat uneasy at the enormity of your future tasks.

The current HR function is in shambles. You were unable to find an affirmative action plan, training documents or other basic personnel information, including I-9s. Although the company has been unionized for the better part of 15 years, labor contracts are available for only the past five years. The teachers’ union nearly struck two years ago over wages and conditions, although the specialists/aides union appears less militant. Both contracts expire six months from now.

In the past, the president and each center’s managers performed all of the organization’s personnel functions by the seat of their pants. Recruiting was by word-of-mouth, performance appraisals rarely occurred, and the president was the chief union negotiator. “Management by walking around” is constantly practiced; the president visits each childcare center every month. Most managers are happy with this management style and the flexibility it provides them.

Top management currently consists of the President, the V.P. of Accounting, the V.P. of Marketing, the V. P. of Center Operations and the V. P. of Human Resource Management. All location managers are considered “middle management.”

The data surrounding On-The-Way’s upcoming expansion are astounding. You will be adding between 1,200 and 1,500 daycare workers, and a commensurate number of support staff. There will be approximately 50 new daycare facilities, some as far as 350 miles away. You wonder if enough skilled and certified teachers are available.

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