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You have just received an email from your boss (the CEO). He wants you to help turn around the organization’s anti-union culture. He has asked you to prepare an outline of a speech (speech to be about 10 minutes long) that he (the CEO) will give to his top management staff next week. In the speech he wants to explain why it is important for all managers and supervisors to stop with their anti-union mentality and begin focusing on building workplace relations and employee engagement. Remaining union-free is still your organization’s goal, but there needs to be more emphasis on strengthening workplace relations and employee engagement. Your boss wants you to email him a detailed speech outline “today if possible, and tomorrow at the latest.”

You are currently sitting in an airport in Paris with a 10-hour delay. It is a good time to write and send in this detailed speech outline. You have written speeches for your boss before. He wants meaningful information in his outlines so that he doesn’t need to add content.

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In the airport you have Internet access to look up information needed to build this persuasive speech.

Paper length: enough to provide an outline for a 10-minute speech. Any references utilized for this assignment should be included in a “List of References,” using APA format. Please upload your detailed speech outline by the Module due date.

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