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Based upon your reading of the required articles (and any of the optional articles, of course), articulate a comprehensive understanding of how HR metrics and analytics help demonstrate the impact of the human resources function on the organization’s bottom line. Assume you are an HR consultant. Prepare a professional slide presentation for delivery to the company’s Board of Directors, convincing the members that they need to utilize HR metrics and analytics in their decision making.

Upload your submission by the module due date. 

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Your slide presentation should not be so lengthy that you lose the attention of the Board. Follow the rules of proper PowerPoint preparation. See:

Be sure to also include notes expanding upon each slide.

Bring in at least 2 library sources to help strengthen your discussion.  Your sources should be included in a “List of References” using APA format.

Required Reading

Begin this module by reviewing the link below for calculations pertaining to employee benefits. Retrieved from

Then go on to read the various articles listed below:

Grossman, R. J. (2006). Measuring the value of HR. HR Magazine, 51(12), 44-49. Retrieved from the TUI Library

Kline, T. J. B., & Sulsky, L. M. (2009). Measurement and assessment issues in performance appraisal.Canadian Psychology, 50(3), 161-171. Retrieved from the TUI Library. 

Lester, T. (2002, March). Is HR measuring up? Personnel Today, 26-27. Retrieved from the TUI Library. 

Murphy, T. E. & Zandvakili, S. (2000). Data- and metrics-driven approach to human resource practices: Using customers, employees, and financial metrics. Human Resource Management, 39(1) 93-106.  Retrieved from the TUI Library.

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