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freedom of information act and rights of felons

Definition of freedom of information act.  Include what information a person in the USA is allowed to collect for themselves and what they are not allowed to see.  Can a US citizen with or without a criminal record find out what is in their NCIC and if so where do they find that information.  Are there records that are sealed from the public?  Can the government access personal information about any person they choose fit?  Where can a person find out for free if they have local or federal warrants?  Can a person with a warrant exit the United States?  Are there countries that will not allow convicted felons to enter although they no longer have probation or parole?  Are there international travel exit and entries laws that trump domestic laws. What would your argument cited argument be for when a person is arrested convicted and sentenced and finishes parole, the time frame for them to receive all of their rights as a us citizen back. 

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I am asking this question to 2 people for different citations and views.  Please this is an argument paper with some research to give me background in my argument.  I know nothing about this so i will trust that you will give proper advice. 

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