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Formal Report and Executive Summary

Formal Report and Executive Summary. I will like the idea to be “Child Welfare Support” and the audience will be stakeholders. I want it to look like experience from my job. I do not want any online resources or online references. But I will give you guidelines about my work so you understand what should be in the report. I worked for Child Protective Agency and the facility where I work is a temporary place where they house the children that is removed from their home due to allegation of child abuse or child endangerment, so they stay in this temporary place till they find foster home for them. But sometime due to all those allegation, they also remove some kids with disability from their home, butt the problem is that this temporary facility does not have adequate equipment and trained staff to take care of those kids properly. Therefore this will put those kids in risk of endangerment while they are in custody of child protective agency. So my suggestion is this agency should not be removing this kids from their home when they themselves can’t provide safety for them. Hopefully this will be a guide to write this report. 4  pages and we have to label the “Executive Summary” to differentiate. Thanks.      Note: Please do not bid for this question if you cannot do it or deliver on time. It’s been wasting my time. 

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