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first set of 6 questions

1. Explain the concept of competitive relevance for an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and relate this concept specifically to health care organizations.

2. How does internal environmental analysis help health care organizations sustain competitive advantage? As a health care leader, what are some of the key aspects that you will assess in conducting your own internal environmental analysis?

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3. How does the “value chain” relate to health care organizations? What is the role of the value chain in the strategic planning process?

4. the Perspective 4-3–LEAN Six Sigma on page 140 in your textbook

Discuss the Ottawa Ankle Rules as an example of Six Sigma utilization. How was Six Sigma beneficial in this case example? Think about your own health care organization or one which you hope to lead. How might Six Sigma be utilized in your own facility, as our colleagues in Ottawa did a few years ago?

5. Which is better the top-down budgeting process or the bottom-up methods? Why?

6. Discuss the most important steps in the operating budget process. Why are these more important than the other steps?

*****All responses should be at least 200 words in length!

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