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Find a Strategy to Encourage Kids to Attend School

This case is an example of problems we have in low-income poverty stricken neighborhoods today. We have to find a way to encourage kids to attend school.   Mr. Michael Bennet (Denver superintendent) attempted to do this. The Mayor figured Bennet would be a good choice. Bennet’s war on waste failed miserably. If he would have included the community and got their input in his decision making he probably could have better results. Most students didn’t want to go to a new school and a lot of them had to work to help out at home. So the choice came easy for them to drop out rather than make that change.  The neighborhood was drug infested and money in a drug dealers pocket looked intriguing to some.  Bennet’s reform was supposed to raise the grades of students in high school and prepare students for college.

Administrative reforms are great in the fact that they can help the school out when the standards are not met. When schools are struggling in either the curriculum or in student’s educational goals, an administrative reform comes in handy. When it comes to reforming, you are already going into a bad situation, so of course it’s going to be difficult.  A school such as Manual needed more than just institutional reform, but the community needed to be educated as well.  The reform should have spread throughout the community as well.

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