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FAS 201 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Overview

I need help tweaking and adding the last part of the project to this essay. I have attached the project guidelines and rubric as well as my rough draft I submitted. Please let me know if you need any other info. Below are the teacher’s comments on the rough draft submitted. ;

Hi Lisa,

Introduction: Author/Artist: ;You’re off to a great start with your introduction, however, it’s essential to pick two works from the list; 1 work of art, and 1 work of literature, identify a theme and pick a Contemporary work, one that is made today and compare.

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Introduction: Argumentation/Idea: Again, make sure to identify the necessary works of art and literature and identify a central theme.

Historical Background: Relationship:Make sure to create a description of the works and their relationship with the respective culture or origin.

Historical Background: Influence/Shape: ;Make sure to demonstrate how each culture’s traditions and ideologies influenced the artist in the creation of the works of art.

Similarities/Differences: Similar: ;Make sure to demonstrate the similarities between the works of art and the shared theme.

Similarities/Differences: Different: ;Don’t forget to explain the differences between the two works, and you’ve supported your assertions.

Similarities/Differences: Express: ;Also, make sure to explain how each work expresses the culture and historical setting, and provide examples.

Similarities/Differences: Represent: ;It’s also essential to explain how the similarities and differences represent the culture in which the works were made.

Modern influence: Expression: ;Make sure to demonstrate how these two works have had an impact on contemporary expression.

Modern influence: Influence or Define:Also make sure to demonstrate how the works continue to influence the contemporary culture.

Modern influence: Learn: ;Explore how the elements that can be learned from these works.

Modern influence: Echo: ;Don’t forget to identify contemporary examples that echo the theme.

Modern influence: Archetypes: ;Make sure to demonstrate how the works serve as archetypes for the common theme.

Modern influence: Parallels: ;Make sure to describe how the historic works parallel contemporary cultural expression.

Articulation of Response: ;Your submission has no errors related to spelling and grammar, syntax, or organization. Make sure to follow the MLA format, this is a big part of your grade. Let me know if you need help, or have any questions.


Overall, fantastic work, just make sure to choose a contemporary work, and explore the theme as it relates to your choice of art and literature.

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