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factors of production

  1. Describe three key inputs (or factors of production) and fixed and variable costs involved in the production of your chosen product (Apple iPhone 6) or service.
  2. Analyze the factors that impact your choice of inputs to produce the chosen product or service.
  3. Examine ;the ;production ;decisions ;that ;you ;would ;make ;based ;on ;the ;analysis ;of ;the ;factors ;impacting ;the ;choice ;of ;inputs ;to ;produce ;the ;chosen ;product ;or ;service.

In great detail (3-4 pages). Please answer the questions above. My company is Apple, Inc. and my product is iPhone 6. I have tried getting homework help twice now from course hero and have been EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY disappointed. This is my last try using this website. If you have answered a question of mine before please DO NOT answer this question. My last paper I received (32/90)- as the question was submitted back to me late and I was not able to fix as much as I needed to. ;

If you have any questions please feel free to ask BEFORE you get started. PLEASE ALSO READ THE RUBRIC. ;

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