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Export Marketing Plan

The first step to writing an effective Export Marketing Plan is (a) to choose a product that is available (made or created) in the United States that is needed elsewhere in the world, (b) to identify a country that you wish to export to. 

1. Choose a product/service that you would like to export – Name the product/service
Choose any country in the world that you would like to export the product or service to – Name the country.

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Things to think about:  Why do you think you you will be successful in exporting this product/service?
Who are your potential competitors in the host country? How do you plan to be successful in spite of their presence? 

3.Write on each of the conditions below (on the country that you have chosen) and include why they favor your export plan or international commerce in general.
a) The country’s political climate
b) The country’s economic conditions
c) The country’s legal climate
d) The country’s culture

4. In addition to instructions already given, your Export Marketing Plan must have a cover page which reads something like below:Jane Doe or John DoeExport Marketing Plan on X (the x represents the product /service) to Y(the y represents the country)

  1. Table of Contents (this comes after the cover page, lists the sections/subheadings and their page numbers).

  2. Executive Summary – this is a summary of the Export Marketing Plan. It should not be more than a page and tells the reader something about the company and what it hopes to achieve with this plan. 

  3. The rest of the plan follows the abstract.

  4. The Export marketing plan must be written in sections with headings or subheadings

  5. Items to cover in the plan can be seen on page 599 through 601 of your text. As I have said repeatedly, not all the items in your text apply to every case. It depends on what you are writing on.

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