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Essay – wk6,217,chpt13&14

Your response to these 2 questions should be at least one page with a maximum of two pages. Use a size 12 font with double spaced and a maximum margin of 1″. Responses must be grammatically correct and free of errors. No plagiarism, the Professor will check. Original work only.

1.  Were it not for the products and services offered by the following companies, planning and buying print vehicles could be an overwhelming task for media professionals. From audit reports to media kits, agencies and media houses are aided every day by companies that specialized in easing the lives of media planners and buyers. Visit the following syndicated and independent media companies’ Web sites and answer the questions that follow;

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a.  Advertising media internet center (AMIC) –

b.  Certified audit of circulations –

·  Who is the intended audience of the site?

·  What is the size and scope of the company?

·  What type(s) of print media information does the company specialize in?

·  How useful do you believe the company or organization is for obtaining print media information? Why?

2.  Valentine’s Day is approaching and as the owner of Dream Flower Florists, you want to increase our share of local business by advertising on the radio. After researching local stations, choose one who format suits your target audience. Decide what kind of buys you will make and when they will be aired.

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