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Essay week-3

Your responses should be at least on page long, maximum two pages. Use a size 12 font and double-spaced with a maximum of 1″ margins. Use proper essay format. The instructor does check for plagiarism so please no copying, original work only.

There are three different questions to this assignment, and, the entire response should be at least on page with a maximum of two pages.

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Question 1 –

Read the article attached and answer ;the following questions:

1. What were the research challenges that Fallon Worldwide faced in formulating a campaign for Holiday Inn Express?

2. What research techniques did the agency use, and what kinds did it choose not to use?

3. Why do you think that it made the ;decision it did, and do you agree with them? ; ;

Question 2 –

What the Holiday Inn Express commercials that Fallon has posted at The ads rely heavily on humor to express the emotional benefits of staying smart.

1.Do you think this humor would be equally effective with any target audience, or is the humor tailored specifically to the drive-ups?

2. What kinds of research might be used to ensure the ads would be effective with the intended audience?

Question 3 –

IMC can involve many different elements, and a Web sites can be an integral part of a company’s marketing efforts. Discuss how the following three companies might make a Web site part of an overall IMC effort:

a. A medium-sized candy maker with some brands that are nearly 100 years old.

b. A small company that publishes books, CDs and dvds for a motivational speaker who has just had her first big break with an appearance on The Dr. Phil Show.

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