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Essay questions – Week 6,217, chpt15-17

Your response to each question must be at least one page long, maximum two pages. Use a size 12 font and double space with a maximum of 1” margins. Responses must be grammatically correct and free of errors. No plagiarism, the Professor will check. All work must be original.

1. ; Internet Advertising

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Advertising banners on the internet are akin to outdoor billboards and fill the information superhighway with advertising messages, corporate signage, and hyperlinks. Companies like DoubleClick ( are flourishing as they introduce new and better ways of managing Web advertising – helping advertisers feel more confident about the ad programs they place.

· ; Clickz:

· ; Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB):

a. ; What group sponsors the site and what is the organization’s purpose?

b. ; What are the size and scope of the organization?

c. ; Who is the intended audience(s) of the web site?

d. ; What services does the organization offer web advertisers?

2. ; Specialty Advertising

Promotional specialty items are, perhaps, on of the oldest forms of media. Though consumers do no always think of these items as “advertising”, they most certainly are, being clearly composed, non-personal communications by an identified sponsor. Many organizations and firms are involved in specialty advertising and the industry is still growing today.

· ; Corporate Graphics, Inc.:

· ; PROMO’S:

a. ; What is the focus of the organization sponsoring this site?

b. ; Who is the intended audience of the site?

c. ; What services (if any) does the organization offer?

d. ; What is your overall impression of the organization and its work? Explain?

3. ; Using Social Media

As the communications director of a new start-up, you are very excited to tell the work that your company is the next best thing to sliced bread. To be successful your company needs to reach a lot of people, very quickly. What are some of the tactics that you would use to spread the word through social media?

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