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Essay questions – Week 5- 217Chpt.11&12

Your response to each question should be at least one page with a maximum of two pages. There are a total of 2 questions. Use a size 12 font with double spaced and a maximum margin of 1″. Responses must be grammatically correct and free of errors to earn maximum points. No plagarium, the Professor will check. Original work only.

1.  Use the print ad below and explain how the layout choices, such as size and placement of images and the use of color, affect the delivery of its message. 

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Attach the link to the essay in the reference section.

2.  Producing broadcast commercials is even more complex than creating a print ad. Peruse the Web sites below of some broadcast production related organizations. Then answer the questions that follow.

a.  Digital Hollywood –

b.  Directors Guild of America –

c.  Screen Actors Guild (SAG) –

You must answer each website with the following questions.

What type of production related company or organization is it? What are the scope and size of its operations?

What kind of broadcast production activities does the company specialized in? Are these typically pre-production, production or post-production activities?

* What benefit does the company or organization provide the advertising community?

* What impresses you most about this organization and its work? Least? Why?

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