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Essay questions 270wk5

For this assignment there are 4 questions. Use between 100 to 1000 words, so use the word counter. You will not need to provide references for your essay response.

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1. As the world is shrinking and businesses are more commonly working on an international level, understanding the differences among countries is becoming key in successful business. Assume you are an executive in a large corporation that just acquired a business in Brazil. Develop a strategy for managing the social, cultural, economic, legal, and political differences you will encounter when operating this new business.

2. Managers of all kinds have a common set of basic skills that are necessary for success. Consider each of the basic management skills defined in your textbook. What could a manager do to improve effectiveness if he/she were deficient in any of these areas? Under what conditions would some skills be more important than others?

3. Some theorists suggest a distinct difference in leadership and management. Recall the people in your life who were in charge, e.g. coaches, captains, club presidents, teachers, and employers. Identify one who was a good manager, but not a good leader, and one who was a good leader but not a good manager. Write an essay comparing and contrasting these two individuals.

4. Consider the development of new products and pricing them for international (global) markets. Describe and explain why some domestic products in the U.S. may be suitable for global markets, while others may require major changes to be successful in global markets. Explain the reasons why a product that is successful in the U.S. may need to be re-priced for success in an international market.

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