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Essay Marketing

For this assignment you must write a one page essay, maximum of two pages. Use size 12 font and double spaced with a maximum of 1′ margins. Responses must be grammatically correct and free of errors.

****Professor will perform plagiarism check, so please no copying*****

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Review the following 5 websites:
1. CNN
2. Motorola
3. Oprah
4. Facebook
5. Google

Identify and describe the major social influence that enable each organization to be successful in reaching its consumers.

I have listed the definitions for your information. Must keep in mind the following for the essay:
**Culture**- refers to the whole set of meanings, beliefs, attitudes and ways of doing things that are shared by some homogeneous social group.
**Subculture **- is a segment within a culture that shares a set of meanings, values or activities that differ in certain respect from those of the overall culture.
**Social class **- upper, upper-middle, lower-middle and so on. They believe that people in the same social class tended toward similar attitudes, status symbols and spending patterns.
**Reference groups **- people we try to emulate or whose approval concerns us.
**Opinion leaders** – is some person or organization whose beliefs or attitudes are respected by people who share an interest in some specific activity.

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