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Enterprise Model Project Presentation 10-15 slide PPT with speaker notes

Microsoft® ;PowerPoint® ;presentation discussing how your company will manage its information. 10-15 slides based on the points below from the attached paper. ;just pressed for time to complete the final presentation

We are using SAP products for the CRM and ERP as you will see in that attached documents first section: ;CMGT556_W2_Outline of Team C paper (2).docx ;Second section: ;CMGT556_W3 SCM Team C paper Final.docx ;Third Section ;CMGT556_W4 CRM Team C paper.docx ;Fourth Section: ;CMGT556_W5 ERP Team C paper Final.docx ;

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Describe ;the reasons behind having supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and discuss the integration of all three.

Choose ;and research a company and product. Analyze and determine how you will make decisions and use SCM, ERP, and CRM, and select appropriate software packages for your company. The paper and presentation are submitted in Week 6 of the class

Choose ;a product to be the main product for your organization:

Create ;a proposed SCM system for your organization. Identify vendors, manufacturing facilities, wholesalers, and a retailer. Determine what strategies you use to manage the supply chain. Consider various software solutions. Present an analysis of your supply chain. Explain the characteristics of your supply chain that may lead to its success. Describe how the SCM system will be implemented in your organization.

Prepare ;a recommendation for how your organization will manage its customer relationships with a CRM system. Analyze the company’s daily front and back office operations. Determine the types of information needed to create value for customers. Explain how a CRM system may be used to work toward successful CRM.

Evaluate ;the need for an ERP system at your organization. Explain how ERP benefits the business processes at your company. Detail the advantages and disadvantages of such a system.

Explain ;the business value of integrating SCM and CRM with ERP.

Investigate ;at least two off-the-shelf SCM, CRM, and ERP software packages that could benefit your organization. Describe the advantages of and disadvantages of the systems. Select the package that is best suited to meet the needs of your organization. Explain why you chose that package and what benefits you expect it to provide. You may need to select multiple programs as part of the overall software package.

Develop ;a plan to secure your enterprise model. Identify potential risks to customer and other stakeholder information. Explain how your company will overcome these risks. Include internal and external risks that could affect the company. Describe the preventive measures that will be taken to stop hackers from accessing important information.

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