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Enterprise information systems management 1

The goal of the term paper is for you to gain knowledge on some of the issues that may not have been covered in the class, yet broadens your overall knowledge of large ERP systems.

The following site describes the SAP ecosystem

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Go through the links in this website and document important issues related to SAP administration, SAP data management, SAP development, SAP ERP Project Management, SAP hardware and infrastructure, Enterprise SOA, and Software and Modules.

The focus of the paper should be more on administration issues: what issues are important to an IT manager, or an employee in the IT department of an organization that has implemented SAP and what are some of the solutions to the issue. There is no need to discuss any of the SAP products, or a product offered by a vendor (the key concepts are independent of the product). As an example, an issue can be securing the SAP system by means of changing login parameters, examining the access logs on a regular pre-specified timeline, managing separation of duties, etc. Then, you would need to describe important login parameters that can be changed in about 3 to 4 sentences. Similarly, the separation of duties monitoring can be described in about 3 to 4 sentences.

Your paper must be organized, similar to the organization in the link mentioned above: SAP Administration, SAP data management, SAP development, etc.

The paper should be between 11 to 14 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman with 12 point. 

The paper must be written in your own language. Any direct copying and pasting from the website, or from another student, will be penalized and a grade of zero for this paper will be awarded. The papers must be submitted to Blackboard using SafeAssign. The system will automatically flag any copying between students.

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