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Running Head: DRAFT FOR THE GAY MARRIAGE AND THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. 1 Draft for the Gay Marriage and the Freedom of Expression Scott Atidepe Southern New Hampshire University 05 February 2017 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ AAAAAAAAAAAAA BBBBBBBBBBBBB QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW DRAFT FOR THE GAY MARRIAGE AND THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. 2 Draft for the Gay Marriage and the Freedom of Expression Introduction Same-sex marriage is popularly known as gay marriage is legalized, not only here in the US but also in some other European countries. However, this has had many dissenting views, and people have not yet come to terms with this, and some people don’t understand why it should be legalized, and more should be done to make people accept this. Recently same-sex marriage (popularly referred to as gay marriage) has been the subject of a heated argument, may it be in the court chambers, online platforms, religious institutions, schools just to name a few. The argument has mainly dwelt on the legalization of gay marriage and whether homosexuals should have equal opportunities and rights as the heterosexuals. Since for a long time (one may also say from time immemorial) homosexuals has been discriminated against in most societies of the world. Arguments and Counterarguments Why should people keep it upon themselves to choose who should marry who and who shouldn’t? For a long time, parents used to choose couples and suitors for their children until recently in the late nineteenth century where this was scrapped and the responsibility solely rested on the spouses themselves. More so no one cares which man married what woman why then should people begin to care when a particular man marries a certain man or a certain woman marrying a confident lady? As America we claim to be a country of the free, but how free are we if we can’t marry whom we want? DRAFT FOR THE GAY MARRIAGE AND THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. 3 Shouldn’t discriminate against homosexuals (a minority group) be treated same as that of discrimination due to race, gender, and religion? Our constitutions state very clearly that all people in this glorious country are an equal to another regardless of skin color, religion, sex and doesn’t depend on what state they live in. Why then should people be discriminated due to their sexual orientation? Or doesn’t the law apply to all of us? I would highly doubt how we are supposed to interpret the constitution if this law of equality doesn’t fit and cannot be used on homosexuals too. What effect would the legalization of gay marriage bring? Would we be affected in any way? Certainly not! Marriage is between two consenting adults and if they fill are they are okay with each other no one should think they are not. The point is that we all feel that there is someone out there to love and cherish us. What difference does it make if the one who does this to me is of the same gender to me? Does my relationship affect your relationship, your job, your beliefs, your rights? Does it even in anyway has a retrogressive effect on our nation’s economy? Our defense? I don’t believe it has. In any way! Marriages an institution has for long been considered the foundation of a society and the beginning of civilization and progress. If this is the case, then why deny some individuals this chance? Legalization of gay marriage only means the acceptance of the reality. Like, the homosexuals exist, some people are attracted to their sex. And these people are in love with each other and are ready to commit to each other under the law and acquire the benefits for married couples that the states and federal governments offer together with the repercussions that come with a marriage sealed under the law. Not legalizing gay marriage would only mean denial of reality since it is a well-known fact nowadays that homosexuals exist. And they are ready to and are already fighting for their rights. DRAFT FOR THE GAY MARRIAGE AND THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. 4 It is also important to note that who to love is a personal autonomous choice and also who to marry. It is due to love that interracial bans on marriage are no longer in place. Similarly, choices on whether to use contraceptives, procreation and rearing of children are autonomous and since marriage is one of the most private decisions individuals make in their lifetime. There is a nobility in the wedding, and no person whatsoever should be denied the right Tom chose whom to marry. Despite the fact that gay marriage has been legalized people and the majority of individuals I dare say have different views and beliefs on matters about the wedding. In most religions say Christianity, Judaism, Islam, view homosexuality as a sin. (good, 2011) They argue that the essence of marriage is procreation so as to repopulate and hence since homosexuals cannot procreate on their own it can’t be acceptable. If this is how were to represent the case then only productive people, and still those who want to procreate would and should only be allowed to marry since infertile couples too cannot procreate if then we were to go with this bias. Another counter-argument is that we should preserve traditional marriage, marriage should not be termed as “traditional ” since if it were then parents would still be choosing spouses for their children, there would be no interracial marriages, and one would still be marrying children. The point is marriage has changed with time and culture of an era. It’s high time we accepted gay marriage too. Conclusion No one ever thought that the released slaves in the great civil war would come to coexist with the whites, the Spaniards peacefully and to people also once feared that the different religions of the world would come to clash and people of different religions coexisting would DRAFT FOR THE GAY MARRIAGE AND THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. 5 have seemed like a far-fetched dream. If it was possible for humankind to overcome such greats obstacles in history then surely this obstacle against legalization of gay marriage, I firmly believe it can be overcome and issues resolved, and the fears of the people assured. Changes in the society will always come, and people should embrace these changes and not be afraid of changes. It is for the reasons listed above too that I believe gay marriage should be legalized. The truth is, gay marriage is something that people have been fighting for in many years. And it has finally come to the surface, and since everybody now is well aware of we should take charge and of it like how human beings have done with other controversial issues in history I need not even point out slavery (Yoshino, 2015). DRAFT FOR THE GAY MARRIAGE AND THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. 6 References good, D. J. (2011). a theology of marriage. Anglican theological review. Yoshino, k. (2015) A new birth of freedom? Obergefell v. Hodges. Harvard: Harvard law review. The Defenestration of a Conservative Professor. Authors: Jeffers, Thomas L. Source: Commentary. May2015, Vol. 139 Issue 5, p32-35. 4p The Odd Couple: How Justices Kennedy and Scalia, Together, Advanced Gay Rights in Romer v. Evans. Authors: Sparling, Tobin A.1 Source: Mercer Law Review. Spring2016, Vol. 67 Issue 2, p305-329. 25p. Document Type: DRAFT FOR THE GAY MARRIAGE AND THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. 7

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