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Discussion questions

Learning Activities #1

Building a Diverse Team:

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In the article “Top Ten Tips On Managing Diverse Teams” Ten Tips On Leading A Diverse Team   the author, Simon Mitchell a Managing Director in the UK, defines ten ways to lead a successful “diverse” team. Joanne Sujansky in her article “The five biggest traps to avoid in leading a diverse group” Five Traps in Leading a Diverse Team explains some major traps that a group leader can encounter when leading a diverse group. Compare the tips and traps with those given in your reading for non-diverse teams and determine where they differ and then apply the information to the fact pattern that follows:

You are the vice-president of a growing candy company located in an area of town which is home to many Hindu and Muslim people. There are a growing number of local women being employed on the manufacturing floor of the business. Recently health and safety concerns have been raised by the company health and safety committee asking that women wearing bangles, Sari’s or veils and long covering clothes be asked to remove them and change into “safety attire” when entering the floor. The Hindu women do not want to remove their bangles as it is a mark of their marriage and the esteem to which their husbands hold the, the greater the value and quantity of the bangle the greater the esteem. The bangles however, can easily get caught in mixing machines causing injury to the wearer as evidenced by a recent accident. Veils and long clothing have similar problems with getting caught in the machines, as well as carrying dirt and food particles around the floor. In the case of clothing however, there are religious reasons for their being worn. As the company thus far has had no diversity issues arise they have asked you to set up a team to handle all diversity issues in the company now and in the future. Who would you select to be on the team and how would you structure the team members to solve the present issue and those they may come in the future? Be sure to explain why you choose a particular person given the article and reading. Remember you are not limited to the selection of people from the company alone. Outside help can be considered as well in your selection process. Also think about the decision making aspect of this situation. Does the team make any decisions or is this a team that reports and recommends? Is the team temporary or permanent and Why?

Learning Activity #2

Research one of the remaining topics on your reading list of 21st century leadership skills from the reading this week. Ladies, you  are to choose from Change/Adaptability or Sustainability, and gentlemen, you take innovation or knowledge management. Be sure all the topics are covered. When you have completed your research you should be able to offer to the class five reasons why a 21st century leader must include these amongst his/her leadership expertise. Be specific and detailed in your explanation as to why each of your reasons is valid. If you wish to give a leader that exemplifies your reason(s) feel free to do so.

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