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discussion help please

In order to make sure the discussions are comprehensive and have sufficient depth, here are some guidelines from the for discussion postings:

  • Read the discussion board requirements and your instructor’s guidance thoroughly to make sure you understand the discussion assignment.
  • Make certain your posting answers all questions and addresses all issues required in the discussion assignment.
  • Your initial post should contribute to the topic. It should demonstrate that you have read, understood, and critically evaluated the topic. Give examples and cite specific sentences or paragraphs from the text or from outside research to support your statements.
  • Relate the topic to your own experiences. Consider using examples from your personal experiences and discuss how they relate to the topic under discussion. Review grammar, punctuation, and spelling and proofread your posts before submitting them.

1. ;Having taken an Ashford course on entrepreneurship, you have been asked by a friend to offer practical advice on writing a business plan. What advice would you give your friend? Identify five key points you would insist be included in a business plan.

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I want to open a Home Health Care business..

2. ;You have always wanted to be your own boss and have your own business. What kind of business venture would you choose – start a new business, buy a franchise, or buy an existing business? Discuss why you have made your choice. Identify three advantages to your choice and three pitfalls you may encounter?

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