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diagnostic questions

Hello, I have to submit this questions, I’m not quite sure about the right answer, in some of them I selected 2 possible answers in bold and underline. Just wanted to double check before submitting. Thank you. ;ATTACHMENT PREVIEW ;Download attachment



Please click on an answer to receive feedback. When you have completed these
diagnostic questions, you may be guided to additional content.
1) "Overall, the author would have been very successful at achieving his purpose
if you were even slightly versed on the topic. Unfortunately, I have no background
in this topic, and I found the essay way too overwhelming to read." The tone of the
passage above can be described as:
a) detached
b) defiant
c) critical
d) instructive
2) "Martin points out one other characteristic of sleep-reduced responsiveness
to stimuli. Because the brain’s response to stimuli is reduced and not blocked, we
can still respond to danger." The tone of the passage above can be described as:
a) subjective
b) cautionary
c) objective
d) cynical
3) "Americans are considered to be mall addicts, and this addiction is accused of
increasing anti-social behavior. The assertion that malls encourage anti-social
behavior is absurd." The word that is most responsible for producing the tone in
the above passage is:
a) anti-social
b) absurd
c) assertion
d) behavior
4) "As a young student in middle school, malls provided me with much more than
shopping. Every weekend, my friends from school and I would meet up at the local
mall and hang out." The tone in the passage above can best be described as:
a) subjective
b) incredulous
c) condescending
d) argumentative
5) "The emotionally charged word deficit conjures images of impending economic
meltdown. While a five hundred billion dollar trade deficit sounds dreadful, upon
close examination, it is hardly a deficit in the normal sense of the word." The tone
of the passage above allows the reader to understand that the essay’s purpose is
a) explore the connotations of different word choices
b) redefine the term "deficit"
c) convince the government to reduce its deficit
d) explain what leads to economic meltdown
6) "It has been many years since I have had to write essays or formal papers.

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