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Decision-Making in a Global Economy

DISCUSSION BOARD: deliverable length: 700-1000 words + REFERENCES / due date: MAY 8TH

In a recent State of the Union Address, the President of the United States announced the formation of the “National Export Initiative,” an important endeavor that is necessary for long-term, sustainable economic growth for the country. The president’s goal is to double exports within 5 years, which, it is hoped, should reduce unemployment by adding 2 million jobs.

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This is the first time in history that the United States has put a real focus on government-wide export promotion.

Since then, the president has signed an Executive Order that formed the “Export Promotion Cabinet” within the presidential administration. The Department of Commerce is an important player in this initiative and is charged with making sure that U.S. businesses can actively participate in international markets by increasing their exports of goods, services, and agricultural products.


Discuss how you would convince businesses to increase exports, and then put an ad campaign together directed at businesses to advise them of the benefits and assistance that is out there to be successful in the international market. The ad campaign should include the benefits at a micro level and macro level, pitfalls to be weary of, and the risks. However, remember that you are trying to promote international exports at manageable costs.

Make sure you include as much as you can about what you learned during this course.

Phase Resources:

 Country Analysis                                                           
This is a resource of economic and business research. This site gives you free access to country analysis.  Current Economic Policy                                                           
The Federal Reserve of St. Louis publishes many articles on current economic policy.  Economic Policy Institute                                                           
You can find articles and research on Trade and Globalization on this site.  Export America                                                           
This is the site published by the U.S. Government to assist businesses that want to export.  The Kiel Institute                                                           
The Kiel Institute is an international center for research in global economic affairs, economic policy, economic education, etc. It publishes many articles and journals on economics.

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