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Critical Thinking/Critique

Read the article entitled: Be a Global Risk Manager.pdf, which address human resources risk, and then answer the questions that follow. Your responses should be thorough and include at least three references from outside sources

Questions for Discussion

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  1. The article Be a Global Risk Manager illustrates the dangers associated with the deployment of employees worldwide. How might the methods for planning risks discussed in this week’s readings be used to solve similar problems?
  2. Assume you are a project manager tasked with managing personnel risk from afar. Explain how and why mobility professionals should recognize the nature of human resource risks and how they should address them.  Name two key criteria that should be used to evaluate family issues posed by personnel before they are added to the current project team.
  3. What does this article demonstrate about the effect of poor project screening methods on a firm’s ability to manage employees effectively from afar?

In addition write a 150-word critique describing how to approach the concept of risk resource management as described in this article.

Be sure to follow college level writing, demonstrate your knowledge of risk planning and management taken from this readings, and cite at least three outside sources.


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