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Criminal Justice or Security Policy Issues Paper and Presentation

This is a bit different because this is a team assignment so you will be completing my particular portion of the assignment. I only need a draft of the PowerPoint by Monday afternoon. The final paper and presentation is due on Sunday July 28th. ;

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For the PowerPoint Presentation, I need an introduction (to the topic in general), three slides on my section of the topic, conclusion, and reference page. The slides should have detailed speaker notes in APA format w/citations. Would be great if Powerpoint looks really sleek, professional, eye-catching, and has pictures/graphics.

Official Assignment Guidelines:

Select ;a current criminal justice or security policy issue affecting the police, courts, juvenile justice, corrections, or private security; however, you may not choose police deployment.

Topic: Gun Laws In America

My section is on Concealed Carry Laws in the United States. Would you please add some research and maybe some stats on violence in Chicago. Also, please make the examples as recent as possible. You can reference history and 2-3 decades ago but bring a modern perspective to it too.

Write ;800 words that describes the policy-making steps and analyzes the current status of the selected issue. For issues that are still in progress, comment on what will have to take place for the process to be resolved.

Write the paper like a section within a paper not like a stand alone paper. So no need for abstract or conclusion. Only close out the topic so that it can transition to the next section of the paper expanding on how policy makers are handling gun laws.

Prepare ;a Microsoft® ;PowerPoint® ;presentation based on your paper. ;

Format ;your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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