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crim justice

Welcome to the second case study for this course. Please read the article below concerning the implementation of computerized management systems by the individual states. These systems provide the various criminal justice organizations state of the art enforcement and case management tools and access to important data for carrying out functions within the respective agencies.

Review the following case study:

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Wesley, B. (2011). Loving LETG: computer software helping streamline departments’ work. McClatchy-Tribune Business News.

Discuss some of the difficulties reported by employees related to the implementation of this new system in relation to changes in job task. What are the major benefits to the management of a criminal justice related organization having access to such a system?

Assignment Expectations

Write a well written paper discussing the effectiveness of computerized integrated managment systems, support your position and cite your sources appropriately.

Submit your assignment for grading by the end of this module. Use the same format as your module one paper.

* APA format word doc. good grade and on time as promised. Cited references .. and original work!  Usual requirement 2-3 pages … He did not specify  so 2-3 as prior class requirements have been.

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