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Create a Strategic Plan for Your Organization

The previous week’s papers will can be used as a resource

Company to be used: ;BioScrip ;(

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Resource: ;Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans assignment with facilitator feedback

Complete ;a strategic plan for your organization of no more than 3,500 words.

Update ;your plan to incorporate facilitator feedback from the drafts you submitted in previous weeks. Include the following: ;

  • Table of contents ;
  • Executive summary, with a 2-page maximum ;
  • Company background, organizational mission, vision, and value statements ;
  • Note. ;For a start-up, you should focus on the backgrounds and accomplishments of key anticipated management personnel. The goal is to convince the investor that these individuals are trustworthy and successful. ;
  • Environmental scan ;
  • Review of Week 4 strategies and a recommendation for the best strategy for your organization ;
  • Implementation plan including contingency plans for identified risks ;

Prepare ;a Microsoft® ;PowerPoint® ;presentation of no more than 10 slides with speaker notes. Your audience will play the board of directors or a venture capital firm. The focus is to sell your recommendations to the board or venture capital firm and obtain approval for funding your plan.

Format ;your plan and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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