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community and service

Assignment #1

Final Version of ROL

Submit your final version of your ROL as a second document in the original assignment. ; Your initial grade will be changed to reflect your additional work. ;

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Power Point Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation: ; You are required to develop a PowerPoint presentation highlighting your community service activity and post it to your personal web site. ; The presentation should include your perceptions of your volunteer experience at your volunteer site. ; It should include discussion of your volunteer activities, aspirations, frustrations, and anticipated contributions. ; You may also include perceptions of community problems, your sense of community and your individual learning and commitment. ; It is assigned to give you the opportunity to “present” your volunteer experience in your own special, creative way. ; You need to have at least 5 slides that describe your volunteer experience. ; You may have more, of course. ; It is up to you. ; Dr.S


Presentation Content (substantial; what you want us to know about your volunteer experience).


Presentation Appeal (interesting; fascinating; not dull or boring).


Presentation Creativity (very creatively done).


Writing Style (correct syntax; no misspelled words; no contractions; etc).

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