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Communicate the Value: Integrated Marketing Communications Brief

Please check out the link below for detailed requirement. 


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Please select a brand that has a brand problem. For example, recent player legal troubles have been a problem for the NFL brand. Another example is the Bonefish Grill, the country’s second largest seafood chain after Red Lobster. Although their check average is more than $3.00 less than Red Lobster, many consumers see that brand as “expensive”.

You job is to develop an IMC brief. This deliverable will be used to instruct an external company that will be hired to develop an integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign for your company. Your deliverable will be presented in four to five page paper and will follow APA6 formatting guidelines including a cover page and reference page (Those two pages are included in the page count. Therefore, only two to three pages of actual content is needed).

IMC Brief

The brief should be a concise word document that answers each of these questions. Make sure to answer each question as the information is critical to help guide the creative team that will formulate the IMC campaign.

Why are we developing a new IMC campaign?

·  What is the problem?

·  What is our objective (quantified)?

Who is the target customer?

·  Who are we trying to reach? What are the characteristics of the target market?

What is the message?

How does our target currently perceive us?

How would we like the target to perceive us?

·  What is the most persuasive idea we want to convey?

·  What creative guidelines do we have to consider (e.g., logo, font, corporate colors)?

When will the message be delivered?

·  What timeframe are we looking at for development and delivery?

Where will the message be delivered?

Which media will provide the most effective communications mix?

How much will it cost?

Grading Rubric

Week 6 Grading Rubric




Grammar and spelling



Document is well-written with proper grammar and no misspellings

Documentation and Formatting



Follows week six assignment guidelines and APA formatting

Organization and Cohesiveness



Document is well organized in a logical sequence of ideas covering all the necessary sections




Relevant and high quality data and ideas presented as a result of careful analysis and creative interpretation, manifesting in a practical plan that could be implemented




A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements. 

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