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: Agenda Comparison Grid ;

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Identify the Population ; ;Health concern you selected.

Health care cost ;


Describe the Population ; ;Health concern you selected and the factors that contribute to it. ;

Middle class to low income ; ;American

This population was chosen as it is the most ; ;affected by health care costs in todays society ;


Administration (President ; ;Name)

Donald Trump

Barrack Obama

George W. Bush


Describe the administrative ; ;agenda focus related to this issue for the current and two previous ; ;presidents.

· He ; ;promises replace Obama care allowing the consumer to have insurers fighting ; ;for their business making it more affordable for the middle class to low ; ;income family ;

· Eliminate ; ;insurance fees for the consumer who does not have a health insurance policy ;

· Eliminated ; ;the payments made to the insurers that made it more likely for them to be ; ;involved hit the health market ;

· He ; ;allowed short term plans to be available for people up to three years. ;

· He ; ;is making price transparency easier for the consumer to understand, which ; ;drives down the cost and drives up the quality of service provided ;

· Prescription ; ;drug prices are dropping making them more affordable. ;

· Requires ; ;hospitals to make their prices available online so the consumer can shop ; ;around ;

· Forcing ; ;insurance providers to must provide cost estimates to the public to give them ; ;an idea of what they will be paying out of pocket ;

· He ; ;promised to make affordable health care a right for the consumer but not a ; ;privilege. ;

· Allowed ; ;children until the age of 26 to be covered by their parent’s insurance ;

· Prohibited ; ;the cancellation of policies for people with costly illnesses ;

· Established ; ;a health insurance marketplace ;

· Required ; ;all Americans who could afford insurance to purchase it which he expected to ; ;drive the cost of insurance down ;

· Expanded ; ;community health centers and provided incentives for primary care doctors to ; ;practice in communities in need ;

· Covered ; ;HIV testing and treatment ;

· Established ; ;finical assistance for those who cannot afford insurance without it. ;

· Gave ; ;tax credits to small business owners who provided insurance to their staff. ;

· Had ; ;payments from Medicare patients linked to quality of care ;

· Eliminated ; ;coverage denials due to pre-existing conditions ;

· He ; ;promised to expand coverage, improve cost, and improve quality of care. ;

· Created ; ;the tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA) which eliminated out of pocket tax ; ;payments for health care items for the consumer ;

· Made ; ;the price transparent to the consumer allowing them to know what they paid ; ;and what the insurance paid to the doctor ;

· He ;established or expanded over 1200 community ; ;centers in poverty areas. ;

· Increased ; ;the NIH funding to allow for more research which led to the creation of the ; ;HPV vaccine ;

· Helped ; ;displaced workers by expanding the Trade Adjustment assistance program. ;

· Passed ; ;the medical liability reform which cut down on frivolous lawsuits that drove ; ;of health care cost ;

· Provided ; ;additional assistance to low income Americans ;


Identify the allocations of ; ;financial and other resources that the current and two previous presidents ; ;dedicated to this issue.

2020 budget 87.1 billion for ; ;HHS and a 248.8 billion in net health savings with focus on combating the ; ;opioid epidemic, addressing mental health, decreasing prescription cost, ; ;expanding asceses to health plans, expand Medicaid, reduce wasteful medical ; ;spending, improve the integrity of Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP, asceses to ; ;new technology, end HIV in America, prioritize health research, better ; ;funding for ;emergency preparedness, and ;aid with older Americans,

2016 budget allocated 1,106 ; ;billion at 27% of the budget to healthcare and Medicare

He cut costs to Medicare at ; ;182.7 billion over a five-year period and 17.4 billion in Medicaid. He scaled ; ;back on what doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes were being compensated.


Explain how each of the ; ;presidential administrations approached the issue.

Trump dismantled Obama care ; ;stating that it was overpriced insurance that was not beneficial to the ; ;consumer. He rid of the tax fee that was mandated for those who did not have ; ;insurance. He works to get cost of insurance down while increasing the ; ;quality of services provided to the everyday consumer. His goal is to have ; ;the consumer have a transparent view of what they are paying for before they ; ;buy.

Obama wanted to make ; ;healthcare obtainable to everyone. He made a marketplace and required ; ;everyone who could afford healthcare to purchase some form of plan, if you ; ;did not buy this plan you were slapped with tax penalties. His thought ; ;process in this was more people will be in the marketplace, making more money ; ;for insurance providers, and this will ultimate drive down the cost of ; ;insurance. He made money available to those who needed assistance with buying ; ;insurance

Bush was in an economic ; ;downfall. He was trying to help provide affordable healthcare to those who ; ;needed it, but the money was not there to fulfill all his goals. He cut cost ; ;to two of the most important insurance providers to Americans.

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