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class project

The length of the paper should be no less than ;eight pages ;in length, double spaced, Arial font (12 points) and must cite at least six sources. ;The cover and reference pages are not to be included in the page count of the paper. Please post your paper as an attachment using Microsoft Word on or before ;April 12, 2014 ;at ;11 PM.

Note: if you have any problems with this assignment please contact me ASAP! No late papers will be accepted.

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Please select from one of the following topics (I expect you to thoroughly research and discuss one of the following topics. ;Cite your sources and use what you’ve learned in the class)

;1) Given the current economic climate, discuss where you think the auto industry is going over the next five years. Feel free to discuss in terms of international and domestic.

;2) Discuss the Social Security System, current status and future outlook. Be thorough and focus on the economic considerations.

3) Discuss healthcare issues from an economic standpoint – prescription drugs, etc…

4) Cost of delivering education – pros and cons of privatization at the primary, secondary and college levels.

;I am most interested in seeing reports which reflect “your” thoughts and what you’ve learned in the class. Don’t get caught up in whether what you put forth is right or wrong, or if you change position in midstream. I want to see how you THINK. This is an opportunity for you to put some theory into practice. Enjoy and just remember I am looking for your thoughts.

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