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‘This Whole System Seems Wrong’ Felipe Montez & concerns about the global supply chain (1).docx

DIRECTIONS: Your essay should compose a thoughtful, complete, and well-formulated response of at least 300 words to the following prompt. Your essay should be as free as possible from any major mechanical errors (spelling, grammar, sentence construction)—So be sure to proofread it!

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READ the case study “This Whole System Seems Wrong: Felipe Montez and Concerns about the Global Supply Chain” (in the EXAM #1 folder).

This case presents us with an ethical dilemma facing Felipe Montez, a Purchasing Director and Product Designer for a Spanish electronics company. In this essay, you must:

(a) Articulate the ethical dilemma facing Montez in simple and concise terms. [Example:  “The ethical dilemma facing Felipe Montez is whether he should _________, or whether he should _______.”]

(b) Compare and contrast what Montez should do in order to resolve the ethical dilemma from the standpoint of two different ethical theories (choose from utilitarian ethics, principle-based ethics, virtue ethics, stakeholder theory of corporate social responsibility, or feminist ethic of care). 

(c) Choose which of the two ethical theories you think offers the most ethical, yet practical, alternative to the company’s current actions and arrangement with the Chinese factory and provide compelling reasons for your choice. 

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