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Case Study in Leadership Powerpoint Presentation

Each of the students will be assigned one case that is related to leadership in organizations. Specifically, each of the students is required to leave a post on the Discussion Board regarding what case he or she is interested in analyzing and presenting during the first week of the course. After selecting a case, students are required to read and understand the case thoroughly. Next, students are charged with providing critical responses to the questions associated with the case.


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  • The case study is due by midnight Thursday, August 28th, 2014.
  • The case study should be presented in PowerPoint format.
  • Audio record ( I will record the audio myself if I have a script..that way it will be my voice)  your oral presentation (No more than 15 minutes). You will need a microphone to record your presentation. If you do not know how to record and add narration to you presentation, you can get more info here: How to record and add narration and timing to a slide show

  • In the PowerPoint audio presentation, students are expected to include
    • The case title and presenter (i.e., the student)
    • The background information about the case
    • Key issues/points indicated in the case
    • The case questions
    • Responses to the case questions
    • Conclusion
    • References

Upload your presentation materials “only” (in PowerPoint format along with audio presentation). There is no written project associated with the case. Make sure your background information about the case is thorough and detailed. Provide strong rationale when answering the case questions.

Restview Hospital.docx

Case Study in Leadership Grading Rubric (done).doc

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