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Can you help with my Econ 545 Final Exam?

Well I got a 73% on the paper. ;Even though I recieve C grades for both papers, my other work pulled my grade up to an 80%.I do need to complete the final exam this week. ;And I really need to make a minimum of 80% in order to keep my average at a B! ;Would Monday or Wednesday work better for your schedule? I have attached the study guide for the final exam so you know what to expect.

ECON545 Final Exam Study Guide.docx

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Here are my professors comments on Project #2-

OK, Jeff, I see that you have added a bit of macro economic analysis to the beginning of the project while retaining some of the original project micro economic flavor. ;A good Introduction highlighting the critical issues for a stations today. ;Formatting is good and easy to follow with appropriate use of in text citations and tables and charts with relevant information. ;Presentation point award ;10 ;points. ;The project covers well a number of the required macro economic variables but is incomplete. ;Take your project and check off the items covered against the list of required items in the project description. ;Mention of fiscal policies and demographics are particularly important for the start up and not covered well if at all. ;Maybe there is a formatting problem but I do not see GDP or growth in GDP and the business cycle covered in terms of the start up. (Relevant Data analysis point award: ;160 ;points.) ;While incomplete and still focused on micro issues I find the conclusions and recommendations tie in the relevant data analysis presented. ;I’m not sure how much Edgar, by the way not mentioned in the study, feels strongly about national trend. ;I would consider that he is concerned with his local market which has not received detailed treatment. ;His is interested in the pricing and cost aspects you mention but how about the demographics of his situation which is not handled well. ; Missing a discussion of data and underlying economic principles and no justification given for recommendations in terms of economic impact limits the significance of this segment. ;(Conclusion and Recommendations point award: ;20 ;points) ;Total point award: ;190 ;points

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