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The term organizational management has been defined as a process that involves planning, staffing, coordination, directing an organization so as to achieve the set objectives. It entails bringing together employees, managers and the processes of a business with the aim of achieving the set targets and goals of that business. Indeed this tool helps managers and stakeholders to determine whether their business venture will be successful or whether it will fail in the long ran. Therefore, organization management is a process of establishing the productive relationship between internal and external parties of the organization. In addition to this, Organization management lays down the entire foundation for planning within the business unit.

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Steps followed in the entire process Organization Management

  Research shows that, there are a number of steps followed by managers and other stakeholders during the whole process of Organization management. First and foremost, managers and stakeholders review all the goals and the set plans of the organization. At this stage, managers and stakeholders come together and they analyze all the methods followed when goals were set, thus by doing this they determine whether the methods used in setting these goals are valid.

Secondly, managers and stakeholders determine the projected activities of the business venture. At this step, managers focus on the activities of the business and they go ahead to identify the best means to perform these activities (Inman, 2003). Thirdly, is classifying and grouping the activities, whereby individuals who have been given this responsibility of management, puts these activities in order of urgency, importance and need for performance.

The next step is assigning work and delegating authority. This step entails various aspects such as assigning work to departments, for example, accounting, finance and marketing among others. Lastly is designing a hierarchy of relationship and at this step stakeholders and top management within the organization determine ways in which various parties of the business will work together. Generally, this means establishing the most effective communication between the organizations, thus creating efficiency within the business.

Authority and Organization Management

  The term authority refers to the ability of an individual to command a group of people. In relation to the organization management, authority entails a number of activities such as giving orders, instructions and requirements to a group of employees in order to influence the activities of different parties within the organization. Delegation of authority within the organization is very important as it entails how different participants, for example, employees and management relate. Authority in an organization may occur in three forms; line authority, staff authority and functional authority.  In order for an individual to be effective and efficient then he/she should poses the above mentioned traits someone who is in authority (Khan, 2009).

Line authority entails the authority that exists between superior and subordinates. Organization Management will fail or succeed depending on how line authority operates. An individual who poses this trait of a line authority is able to co-ordinate, operate and perform various activities within the organization such as increasing sales, production, human resource and finance among others. On the other hand, staff authority involves relationship between different levels of employees, for example, the supervisors whose responsibility is to ensure that employees perform their activities as per their areas of specialization. Delegation of staff authority is very important, as it is one of the key factors that ensure success of the organization. Effective organization management will be realized as a result of good staff authority delegation and authority management. 

Organization Resistance

Organization resistance is a behavior whereby employees or people within the organization dispute the Organization management which is in place. Employees in an organization resist changes for various reasons, for example, employees fear that they might lose their jobs when changes are made such as adoption of a new system. Poor communication of the anticipated changes is another cause of organization resistance and in this respect, employees might not be well informed of the coming changes, thus some of them end up opposing implementation of these changes. In addition to this, employees resist changes due to that fear of the results of the changes. Other reasons to resist change include, lack of prize, inappropriate time for changes and loss of their current positions among others.

Ways that help in overcoming organization resistance

It is quite evident that, organization resistance is a common behavior among employees in any organizations. However, managers can overcome resistance by coming up with new strategies for example; a manager should identify and understand the reasons behind the employee’s resistance. After that, he/she should involve the employees in every step of making the change; this helps the employees to know the changes and their reasons. As a result this, employees and their subordinates will adopt the appropriate attitude towards the necessary changes made in the organization. Wal-Mart Company as an example has undergone many changes in relation to time (Drucker, 2005). This company was able to adopt and implement these changes and some of the benefits realized by this company include: better their services increase in competitive nature of the business among others. The other change is the ‘Wal-Mart to Go’ which entails the delivery to the customers home. This change called for major changes in almost all aspects of the organization for example, customers received their orders at home other than going to the stores.

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