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Business Leadership Theories Paper

JLB Enterprises is a computer manufacturer that is experiencing low employee motivation. ; Evidence shows that efficiency has decreased 15% over the last two years while other factors, including the number of employees, have remained the same, and the process to assemble computers has remained the same as well.

Additionally, the 2011 annual employee survey shows that employee satisfaction and morale have decreased significantly (a 20% decline) over the last 3 years. ; A recent survey of employees conducted by an outside consulting firm confirmed that employees do not feel motivated. ; On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “not motivated” to 10 being “very motivated,” the average of all reported results was 5.5.

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Recent examples of research studies that have demonstrated a link between motivation and performance. ; JLB Enterprises has a problem in that employee performance has declined over time. ; This is a problem because lower performance means fewer products built for the same amount of time and money. ; Therefore, efficiency has declined and costs have increased.

List and define one of the leadership theories that may serve as a lens to view JLB Enterprises’ current problem.

Then, using the components of the theory, show how the characteristics of the theory may potentially inform strategies for improving this performance problem.

Remember, your thoughts, feelings, and opinions must be supported with facts, statistics, testimonials, examples, cases and other references in critical thinking. ; Research and facts support critical thinking efforts.

Approximately 500 words (double-spaced, APA-formatted pages), well written, and documented per graduate guidelines for APA Style.

Be sure to use proper punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Support your analysis by referencing and citing sources when needed. It is suggested that you cite at least three credible sources.


Attached are the readings for the week

1 Leadership and Leadership Theories.pdf ;

2_ Leadership and Leadership Theories.pdf ;

3_ Leadership and Leadership Theories.pdf ;

Leadership and Leadership Theories.pdf ;

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