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Business Ethic paper

The book of Proverbs in the Bible has much to say about work, trade, and conducting business.  Students will investigate those proverbs and write a 5- to 7-page summative exegetical paper.  A list of the proverbs that students should consider are provided in a document titled, “Proverbs for Business” found in the Course Docs and Information module on the Blackboard© site.  The goal for the paper is to determine what the proverbs say regarding the following topics:

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  • Money (priority of it; how to obtain and use it;)

  • How to conduct oneself in business and trade

  • The offering and accepting of bribes

  • View of work

Students should develop a comprehensive theory about each topic based upon the related proverbs.  To accomplish this, students will consider each proverb and ultimately determine what the texts say about each topic listed above.  Students should also utilize commentaries and other such resources to assist them with the exegesis of the text.  Citation of sources should conform to APA styling standards.  

The paper should be organized into six parts: an introduction; one section for each of the four topics listed above; and a conclusion which discusses the student’s response to this study as he or she sees it pertaining to his or her conduct in the professional world.  There should be a bold-print heading for each section.

Proverbs for Business.docx 

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