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Baseline Needs and Analysis

The assignments in this course will build upon each other to help you complete the final assignment, an evaluation plan for Cowboys Nightclubs and Restaurants seeking to provide blended or online training and learning. In this step, you will conduct a baseline needs analysis.

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Determining baseline needs by conducting a needs analysis ensures that instruction and subsequent assessment will meet the learning needs of the organization and will accurately measure the results of the instruction delivered. For this assignment, conduct your needs analysis by answering the questions below. Make sure to consider the information you learned while building your business profile in Module 2 Module 2 Readings.pdf. You may also wish to look ahead, since you will need the information you discover in this analysis to develop targeted learning outcomes in Module 4 Module 4 Readings.pdf.

•Training Request What was the initial request for training? Who was the requester? What was the basis for the request or the perceived need for the training? •Standards of Performance What are the job requirements?

•Key Performance Metric (KPM) How will the performance be measured?

•Training Goal(s): What is it that the learner needs to learn? (Improved customer service, safety, etc)

Please support the information in your analysis, citing at least 2-3 credible sources

APA Format

2-3 Pages

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