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Paper is based on the Internal Food Groups (IFG) mini-case . For this paper, you will assume the role of Josh Novak and build the case for a move towards a more innovative marketing approach, focusing on the use of social media. The assignment requires you to complete three key components: an informational presentation aimed at providing specific facts to Novak’s new team of co-workers, a technology roadmap outline for IFG, and an expository essay making the case for an increase in experimentation and innovation at IFG.

Create an informational presentation that should include the following: (Power point)

1.  Comparison and contrast between the IFG and Glow-Foods approaches to doing business.

2.  Description of the obstacles/challenges that these differences represent. 

Stop short of recommending solutions; make this strictly a factual/informational presentation.  Plan the presentation for approximately 10 minutes.  You will not actually make the presentation, but write what you would say in the Notes area of each slide.  At the beginning of each note, include the timing for each slide.  

Complete a technology roadmap outline for moving The International Food Group (IFG) from where they are now (functional website) to their vision of where they want to be (social networking, mashups, multimedia).  In the outline, you should summarize your approach to each of the seven activities described in Chapter 8 of the required text, IT Strategy: Issues and Practices (2nd ed.).  In a separate section, briefly address the difficulties you think you will face in trying to deal with the five practical steps mentioned in Chapter 8.  Your outline should be between 7 – 10 pages and should include at least three references in addition to your text.

Write an expository essay espousing the need for experimentation and innovation at IFG.  The audience for this essay should be internal, upper management. Your essay should establish the need for, and benefits of, increased innovation and collaboration at IFG in order to reach the goals presented in your roadmap outline. Your essay should be between 5-7 pages and include at least three references in addition to your text.

Cite all sources using APA formatting.  

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