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WRIT1 Retrieval Assignment

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Please follow this Report Structure, paying close attention to the allocation of marks for each section (shown as a percentage).

Overall Report Presentation  5%

You will be marked for overall presentation of your report, formatting, spelling and grammar so it is important to follow these guidelines:

·  Front/Cover Page – must show your Name, Student Number, Programme of study, Module Number and Title, Placement Provider Name and date of report.

·  Include a Contents Pagewhich clearly shows the sections of the report and associated page numbers.  (Each page of the report must show your Student Name, Student Number and must be numbered).

·  The report can be written in first person as you will be writing a personal account of your time in placement and reflecting on the skills learned.

·  Use the font Arial 12 with 1.5 line spacing.

·  Each section of the report should be numbered as per the Report Structure, and on a new page with the heading in Arial 12 Bold.

·  Academic References (minimum of 5).  Any theory should be correctly referenced using the Harvard Referencing system.  (See Personal Tutors for a referencing guide if you do not already have one).

1.  Introduction 

The introduction should clearly describe where and with whom the placement took place, what the placement organisation does, a brief history, number of employees, etc.

2.  Nature of the Role within the Organisation(s)    5%

This section should clearly describe your role and the nature of your work during the placement.  Outline any responsibilities and tasks associated with your role, and give details of any projects that may have been allocated to you during that time.

3.  The Organisation(s) and Recommendations     20%

You should reflect on the work placement organisation(s), making appropriate references to supporting academic literature.       

Conduct a SWOT analysis on the organisation and attach as an Appendix.  Then make appropriate recommendations based on your analysis of the organisation and the conclusions you have drawn from the SWOT. 

4.  Reference to Reflective Log  5%

Within your report, you should make reference to the requirement to maintain a Reflective Log and briefly how you went about this, reflecting on the process and how you used the logs to support any reflection on your skills/attributes/attitudes.  (The Reflective Log itself will be marked separately through Blackboard – see Assessment Sheet on page 20.  Please note this represents 10% of your total report mark).

5.  Reflection on Skills Development     30%

You should write in a reflective and critical manner, identifying new skills and experiences acquired during the placement, along with any existing skills that were developed further as a result of your placement.    (10%)

Identify any gaps in your skills, knowledge or experience.  Discuss how you might address these issues and suggest appropriate strategies to manage these.  Conduct a personal SWOT Analysis to help analyse your skills, knowledge or experience.  (The SWOT analysis is to be attached as an appendix and discussed in this section).    (15%)

Support your writing with evidence through specific actions undertaken during the placement and, where appropriate, make reference to learning theories such as Gibbs’ Model of Reflection or Kolb.    (5%)

There are a number of websites that can help you with this.  Cumbria University has also produced a useful guide:

6.  Conclusions     15%

You should provide a key summary of your placement(s), highlighting key achievements and learning experiences and personal development as a consequence of your placement.  Reflect on how your experiences may have impacted on your career goals and what you have learned about yourself.    (10%)

You should also discuss how your work benefitted the organisation(s) you were placed with.  You should aim to make your reflection critical in nature and relate it to academic theory where appropriate.      (5%)

References (not part of the word count)      5%

Minimum of 9 references, using the Harvard system.

It is important that, throughout your report, you seek to bring aspects of your academic learning to support any arguments or discussion regarding your input and the outcomes from the work experience process.

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