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Assignment 5: Business Marketing

Unit 5 Marketing Assignment.pdf


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Please see the attachments with for the specifics of this assignment.    

Scenario: You have just been hired as a new Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing associate with ZMX Global, inc., a national distributor of food, beverage, and supplies to hospitality oriented businesses. As part of your marketing training, you have been tasked with finding new marketing opportunities (Retailers, wholesalers, Internet, institutions, etc.) for the distribution of a new product called “Bon Vivant Organic Gourmet,” a high quality organic frozen food product. Read the BonVivant Business and Product Profile: (attached). 

Your job as a B2B marketing associate is to build relationships with reputable organizations that will successfully represent ZMX Global, Inc. and the Bon Vivant Organic Gourmet brand and product with integrity. 

Directions: Using what you learn from reading Chapter 7 to inform your work on this Assignment, build a 5- slide audio visual presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint with audio covering the characteristics that make Bon Vivant Organic Gourmet a business product. (This is where your microphone either built into your computer in most cases or alternatively your microphone headset you purchased, will be used.) 

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