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Assignment 2.4

Assignment 2.4: Researching Tax Incentives

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In this course project assignment you will be researching the tax structure of opening a business in a city of your choice. You will use the Excel spreadsheet file you created in Assignment 1.3.

Click on the “Project” tab in the top navigation bar for more details on the course project.


  1. Identify two cities where you would consider opening (or expanding) your business. Research (online, by phone, or in person) any tax incentives the two cities of your choice have to lure new businesses to it. Consider contacting the local economic development center, Chamber of Commerce, and/or City Hall to gather data.
  2. Set up a new worksheet in your project spreadsheet file. ; Change the title of Sheet 2 to “City ofChoice vs. CityofChoice” (e.g. Colorado Springs vs. Pueblo).
  3. Record the information from step 1 in an easily readable format in this worksheet. ; Avoid using paragraph format. ; Excel is more amenable to bullets. Consider using a pros and cons list for each city. Make certain to include the source/s of the information provided.
  4. Finally, choose which city your business will be opened in or expanded to, and provide a summary as to why.

Cities designated are Austin, Texas and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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