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I just wanted to send out a reminder: these drafts should be fully formatted in either APA Your papers should be double-spaced meet the page length requirement.9 PAGES

Here are my personal tips and tricks:

Tips and Tricks for the ;Editing ;Phase

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1. ; Read your paper backwards sentence by sentence. ; This will cause fragments to stand out. ; They will not sound correct when they are read alone out of context. ;

2. ; Pay particular attention to homonyms (words that sound the same but are spelled differently). ; Spelling/Grammar check will not fix these errors. ; Look for to, too, two… there, their, they’re… etc. ;

3. ; Make sure all paragraphs are indented.

4. ; Make sure all lines after the first in each citation are tabbed (hanging indent)

5. ; Make sure your work cited/reference page is not entirely centered. ; (Works cited/references should be centered… The citations themselves should be left justified).

6. ; Make sure you have maintained double-spacing in your reference/works cited page and your entire paper.

7. ; Read your paper aloud. ; Sometimes that is all it takes to recognize a section that is not clear.

9. ; Give yourself 24 hours to sleep on it after adding major sections. ; You need to look at your paper with fresh eyes to recognize errors.

10. ; Have another person read it! ;

11. ; Print out a copy to mark errors on. ; A lot of times we see errors better when we have a hard copy to work with.

;12 Double check all APA

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