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Assume that you are preparing for a second interview with a manufacturing company. The company is impressed with your credentials but has indicated that it has several qualified applicants. You anticipate that in this second interview, you must show what you offer over other candidates. You learn the company currently uses a periodic inventory system and is not satisfied with the timeliness of its information and its inventory management. The company manufactures custom-order holiday decorations and display items. To show your abilities, you plan to recommend that it use a cost accounting system.

Instructions: ;In preparation for the interview, write a memo to the CFO of the company outlining the following:

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    1. Your cost accounting system recommendation and why it is suitable for this company.
    2. A general description of the documents that the proposed cost accounting system requires.
    3. How the documents in part 2 facilitate the operation of the cost accounting system. ;

To receive full credit you must answer all parts of the question in the memo, in WORD and attach. Your memo must be at least 3 paragraphs, but no more than one page. Your file must end in .doc or .docx

You will be graded on how well you address the questions. Addressing the questions involves identifying relevant facts, applying the chapter concepts,, and answering each question completely. ; Proper APA formatting is expected and required (cited sources, reference page, etc.). ; Supplement and synthesize your analysis with outsides scholarly sources. ; For assistance with APA citations, please visit the following links: The American Psychological Association Website: ;

The APA site has numerous links (see “most popular”), but you may want to view the tutorial if you are completely new to APA: ;

This assignment will be submitted for plagiarism detection. ; Do not copy or paste any part of your submission from any other source, not even your text book. ; If you must copy a phrase, or definition, it must be in quotation marks and cited, see APA above. ; Failure to do so will result in a violation of the BC honesty policy.

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