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a paragraph or two on a short article

For this conference exercise, please access the article, “The Case for ‘Living’ Models,” by Valerie Creeman.  You can access the article through the reserved readings section of our class.

You don’t have to read through the entire article, although you might find the article very interesting.

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Read pages 181-184, “Challenging Conventional Components of Negative News Messages.”   Then answer the following questions:

1. The author notes that many scholars have questioned how bad-news messages are taught in many business writing textbooks.  Why are such textbooks criticized? 

2. As you read through your textbook for this class, do you feel the criticism is somewhat justified?

3. Do you think that a bad-news letter with a buffer at the beginning is “phoney” in some ways? Explain.  The author cites other authors on this point.  Refer to what some authors have said as you construct your response.

Read pages 184-186, “Reexamining Pedagogical Practices in Teaching Bad-News Messages: Process Over Product.” Then answer the following questions: 

4. Why are some authors of business communication textbooks criticized a bit on this issue? 

5. Describe any experience you have had in writing or receiving bad-news messages in your professional or personal career.  In light of what Creeman says in this article, give your thoughts on buffer statements and whether they have an effect on a reader.  In addition, comment on whether you think there is a degree of phoniness or deception in the use of a buffer statement.  

Please comment in a paragraph or two.

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