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a EOF error

Hello I am trying to make a program to help asset the cost of painting. I have wrtten a code for it, but I keep getting a EOF error. I have been at this for hours now and I cant figure this out.

import math

# Dictionary of paint colors and cost per gallon

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paintColors = {

‘red’: 35,

‘blue’: 25,

‘green’: 23


# FIXME (1): Prompt user to input wall’s width

# Calculate and output wall area

wallHeight = float(input(‘Enter wall height (feet):n’))

wallwidth = float(input(‘Enter wall width (feet):n’))

wallArea = int(wallHeight * wallwidth)

print(‘Wall area:’, wallArea, ‘square feet’) ;

# FIXME (2): Calculate and output the amount of paint in gallons needed to paint the wall

paintNeeded = wallArea / 350

print(‘Paint needed: %f’ % paintNeeded, ‘gallons’)

cansNeeded = math.ceil(paintNeeded)

print(‘Cans needed:’, cansNeeded,’can(s)n’)

# FIXME (3): Calculate and output the number of 1 gallon cans needed to paint the wall, rounded up to nearest integer

# FIXME (4): Calculate and output the total cost of paint can needed depending on color

paintColor = input()

print(‘Choose a color to paint the wall:’)

paintCost = {‘red’:35, ‘blue’:75}

print(‘Cost of purchasing’, paintColor, ‘paint: $’, paintCost)

That is what I have so far, the error I keep getting is: Enter wall height (feet):nTraceback (most recent call last):

File “”, line 13, in <module>

wallHeight = float(input(‘Enter wall height (feet):n’))

EOFError: EOF when reading a line

Please help

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