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6 Human Resource Management Discussion Questions

1. Employment Laws

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This week you studied the theory surrounding Employment Laws.

Begin this week’s discussion forum by researching the following question?

In what ways do employment laws differ in a global environment? ;

In your discussion provide an example of a country with different employment laws. ;

Also answer the following questions:

  • Is there a reason for the difference? ;

  • Do you agree with the difference? ;

  • Why or why not? ;

Note: ;A good starting point might be China. ;It’s not uncommon for employees to work 60 to 100 hours each week.

2. Interviews

For decades, interviews have been an integral part of the selection process. ;

In this discussion forum, examine and discuss the following questions:

  • What are the major problems of the interview as a selection device? ;

  • What can HRM do to maximize fairness during the interview process? ;

Discuss not only HRM strategies for “during the interview” but also strategies which can be implemented prior and following the interview.

3. Cultural Training

Imagine that your organization has asked you to move to another country and perform a job that is critical to the success of the organization. ; Note: You will be given the opportunity to take your family with you on this assignment.

For this discussion forum,

  1. Select a country where you could perform a foreign work assignment.

  2. Explain ;and discuss why it is critical for employees (and their families) to have cultural training before embarking on an overseas assignment. ;

  3. Also discuss the specific cultural training you (and your family) would need in order to work in the country you chose to write about. ; What risks would their be to your family and to your organization if this training was not provided by the organization.

4. Performance Management Systems

How does the global nature of business affect performance management systems? ;

Consider both the technical and social aspects of different cultures in your response.

5. Social Security

“Social Security should serve as a foundation for employee retirement programs. ;Therefore, Congress should explore more extensive revisions to the program to ensure that the next generation of retirees will receive the benefit.” ;

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? ;Explain your response.

6. Unions

Where are unionizing efforts focused today? ;

  • Do you agree with unions? ;Why or why not? ; (I do not agree with Unions anymore, in the past they added benefit)

Please back your explanation with history and citations.

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